11-10-17 Jesus & Jams

Today’s scripture reading is Matthew 6:9-13


Do you ever feel like your prayers aren’t ‘correct’?

If you look at the Lord’s prayer as a template or an order of how to pray, would it change how you currently pray?

How do you address God in your prayer time?

Do you spend time in worship, praising His name?

What does it mean to pray for God’s kingdom to come?

What does it mean to pray for God’s will to be done?

What would that look like here on earth?

What does God’s will look like in heaven?

What does it mean by daily bread? Is this food? Is it spiritual food? How do you obtain spiritual food?

Why do we ask for our sins or debts or trespasses to be forgiven?

Why is it followed with forgiving others their debts, sins, or trespasses?

Why do we pray for God to not lead us into temptation?


We have paired today’s reading with Alex Caro‘s single Hear me Out! Click the image below to download!

Tell us why you like it!

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