Submit Your Music for Review!

There are a few ways we discover new music and decide on what is to be reviewed. We have people who scour, refer, and find stuff for us! If you have an album that you’d love us to review, see below!

We are a publication, and as a publication we can review on anything that has been published, and we will review and comment on content that has been published to the web, if we think it’s worthwhile and noteworthy to our audience. If you put your stuff on the web, in a public forum, we consider it published, especially if you have links to purchase your album or music.

Since we’re basically a raft in a giant ocean, floating along, picking up stuff that comes in view and either tossing it back or writing up a review, it may be a while before we find you to either toss you back or give you a pat on the back. If you really really really really really really really want a review, and your music is Christian based, not just mentioning the Bible in one lyric, or having good humanitarian vibes, but actually promotes the relationship and walk you have with Christ, and you are willing to hear negative things as well as good stuff, then find the email address to submit and submit, but indicate why you want it reviewed, don’t just drop us a link.

We do ask that your music be a recent release, within the past 8 months or to be released with a definite date in the near future! If you submit via MusicSubmit, your recording may be rejected due to recording quality, content, or other reasons. Please follow directions appropriately to have your music reviewed.