What We Believe

First most, we believe that Jesus Christ is who He said He was and is and will be. We believe in the salvation that comes with believing and receiving that invitation to know God more through Jesus Christ. This is the core of what we believe.

Second, we believe music is pretty awesome.

Well, this is such a kicking point for a lot of people.

We identify that we are humans, and as humans, we make mistakes. Some of the music we review may not resonate well with you or your view point of scripture, but as long as the core is glorifying God and Jesus and the gift of salvation, there is some merit there and we will give it a fair review. That’s the point that gets us into relationship with Christ, identifying that no one can do it on their own righteousness, that only God is good, everyone else really doesn’t measure up, and so we allow artists grace in their growth as a musician.

We are all at different places in our relationship with God. Some people still have a hard time believing that God unconditionally loves everyone, even those who are not in relationship with Him, even when we are at best, God loves us even at our worst. Sometimes, music or art, will show us a glimpse of another’s walk towards or with God, on occasion the process of falling away and returning.

If you aren’t a fan of a certain genre, it’s ok.

If you aren’t a fan of music that isn’t predominately worship and praise, it’s ok.

If you write more about the process of what it means to be a Christian in a world that doesn’t seem to care about love, it’s ok.

If you write music that is a niche genre, it’s ok.

The purpose here is to provide you an outlet for your music and art and walk with Christ to be heard.

What we promise is this:

1. Encouragement for your path in music.

2. Critiques that are constructive and will guide people/potential patrons of your art to what they will find good to listen.

3. Light guidance to apply in future recordings. We are clay vessels and our talents and virtues can be strengthened, honed, and sharpened to become useful tools to communicate effectively what it is we desire to get across.

4. A place for people to find music that will help them in their walk with Jesus. We will try to label music reviews in a fashion that will be easy to find.