Who ARE these People?!?!?

We’re probably just like you. We’re a group of musicians, artists, music lovers, audiophiles, sound engineers, writers, poets, readers, nature enthusiasts, among other things.. oh, and we love Jesus!
We’re not perfect. We don’t claim to be, but we just really love music and that music can reflect our frail humanity and what we go through as well as the awesomeness of Jesus! Sometimes in the same song!

We started this page because, well we noticed a lack of love towards musicians. Independent musicians seem to get ignored quite a bit and at the bottom of this pile of independent, ignored musicians tends to be Christian artists. Maybe it’s because there’s a stigma attached to being a Christian, or that people hear all about ‘christians’ all the time but don’t hear the goodness of the gospel, and so instead of taking the time to find what’s good and great about Christian music, they throw it all out.

We’re here to collect the broken, the shamed, the forgotten, the insecure, the weirdos. Art comes from a mindset that is different than the norm. That mindset was wonderfully made by a Creator who loves diversity, and there’s a lot of diversity out there.

So whether you create music that is pop, rock, jazz, gospel, folk, or blues slide crocodile hip hop for Jesus, we want to hear it! We want to review it! We want to tell people why they should listen to it! We also want to encourage you as a musician to grow in your journey of creating music for Jesus.

Send a brief message about your project for release or that has been released, including the Who, What, Where, Why, and How about it and a link to listen to it in it’s entirety and we will consider reviewing it. Send it to submissions @ solidgroundreviews.com

Please be open to an honest review of your project.


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