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Artist Cover for EP Triumphant by Q Fyre

When an artist has something to say, they got something to say! In the case of QFYRE, his new rap album Triumphant, is nothing short of having things to say about overcoming in Christ. Beginning with “Its Mine,” an onslaught of rapping over well produced beats and melodies does not quit until the end of the fourth track, “Greater One.” Like a machine gun to the conscience, words are spit relentlessly covering enough theology to fill an entire album. I’m not sure I took a breath the entire time I listened, or QFYRE for that matter.

These tracks are reminiscent of condensed sermons set to rap music, without the practical application part of a sermon. Like a lining up of verses that remind us we are triumphant in Christ, they are great to listen to to encourage, but I wanted to hear stories of how Christ had overcome in QFYRE’s life in between each of these tracks. I wanted him to take time to connect with me as a listener, to know how he knows what Christ has done in his life and how that relates to being triumphant. I wanted relatable genuine stories alongside these powerful tracks of encouragement.

In listening to other rap artists, the reason they are successful is not because they have sick beats and slick hooks, but because they ultimately relate to the audience on a personal level. That’s what makes a great pastor, a great song writer, a great rapper.

QFYRE definitely has the presence, the skills, and the flow, but I want to see the more vulnerable side of QFYRE, what makes him human, what makes him follow Christ.

Keep an eye out on this artist, I think ultimately he’s got something to share that will really connect with people in the future.

Triumphant was produce and mixed by Mynista aka B. Smif Productions.

You can get QFYRE’s album on noisetrade
QFYRE’s website

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