Mature and Real Release has Essence of the Gospel

Essence album cover for Love Taps


Pure faith and passion for the gospel comes to mind when listening to Love Taps, Essence Yarbrough’s recent release. Gifted not only in a deep understanding of the love of Jesus and the word of God, but also in flow and the ability to mince words into a palatable and incredibly relatable package. Essence delivers a strong voice that is filled with conviction and heart. The production is rich and expressive, incorporating strings, beats, piano and sweeping motifs.

Love Taps is something you will want to delve into with a open and mature mind. Many of the themes and lyrics are adult in nature, dealing with adult themes with maturity. There are a few lyrics that you may not want to be explaining to a child, but that does not mean that you should avoid this EP. Love Taps is not just mature, but real. I cannot pin down exactly one track that you should listen to over the others, as it’s a very complete and focused album.

When Essence is not spitting rhymes, she’s keeping up a website, Wisdom in Red, aimed at ministering to women.

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