A Flare for the Progressive Journey with God

Album cover for Rocks For Brains - These Are The Days

Usually, we don’t review music that is not new. We honestly don’t know if it’s new or not, but we really want you to love this band if you are into progressive music genres. We have no idea who they are, who’s in the band, or why they are making this music other than they have a desire to write music that is ‘sincere in expressing faith and commitment to God.’ We know they’re located in Newport Beach. We know that they posted this album on noisetrade a few days ago. We know that this sounds awesome. and we had to review it.

The band’s name is Rocks for Brains. We know, we thought the same thing, some band came up with a ‘cute’ name and probably sounds like a box of rocks shaken, not stirred. Out of curiosity, we clicked on the first track. Four tracks in, furiously searching for clues on the internet of who they might be and when it was released officially, we decided, oh, what they hey, we’ll review it anyway, because it sounds pretty. The album name: These Are The Days.

Fusing Rush-esque melodic progressions and Pink Floyd atmospheric soundscapes, Rocks for Brains rushes into exploring themes about the mysteries of God and the journey one takes as one makes in knowing God. Acoustic guitars dominate the tracks with heavily intelligent lyrical content. “Shattered” begins the album asking the question as to where to look and turn to once realizing the need for God. Soaring vocals complement the choruses in the song “Flying.”  “I Like Sky” is an interesting exploration in expressing a walk with God, with great variations in the sections of the song. “Epic” is an instrumental and atmospheric piece, excellent for contemplation. Musically solid, guitars picking, plucking, strumming, crying, it’s a beautiful thing to listen to, especially on headphones. The placement of all the instruments makes a divine party in your ears.

Across the entire album, there isn’t a terrible song anywhere. It’s a solid listen top to bottom. We didn’t catch any odd time signatures that frequent hardcore progressive music, but we don’t care. It sounds great. From “Shattered” to “Podwah Delaywham,” Rocks for Brains album These Are The Days, will enchant you with chorused guitars, and a journey that is melodically abundant as well as intelligent in it’s examination of walking with God.


The only place where you can find it: http://noisetrade.com/jonfarmer/these-are-the-days

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