Glorious Cinematic Treasure in Sabbath

October Wedding's EP cover for Sabbath


Hailing from the capital city of Pennsylvania, David Layser and October Wedding bring a sumptuously cinematic sound into their gospel oriented folk rock.  Comprised of six members; Kyle Werts, David Layser, Ben Spencer, Eleanor Helai, Charisah Cleath and Asher Stanley pour their hearts into their instruments and produce sounds that overwhelm the senses and the heart with a journey that mirrors a walk into sabbath with Jesus Christ. David Layser’s writing comes from the heart, and a rich theological background from his journey in faith and seminary. Sabbath exemplifies this in a wonderous lengthy EP.

Like a deep breath before jumping off a cliff into a deep pool of water, David Layser and October Wedding open up their album Sabbath with the title track. Amidst the weeping violins, leaping guitar riffs, dancing banjo licks, and soulful vocals, “Sabbath” plunges into pools of calming sounds, with an excitement and urging that breathes; rest. The next track “I’m Actually Starting to Believe” reflects lyrically on true belief. The instrumentation beautifully matches the opening of one’s eyes to the truth. Resounding cymbals mark an undercurrent of awakening, and the chorus is a reflection of abandonment into faith. “Leper Song” continues the underpinnings of awe and awareness, with minimal instrumentation, as the concept of healing is explored. “Holy Love” begins with an expressive violin, creating swirls of melody as rhythmic drums pound out a dance between waves of lyrical expression of the triune and carefully crafted harmonies. “This is Your Breath” and “Heaven Will Make it Right” round out the EP.

Sabbath is an EP that thrives in excellence, not just from a soundscape perspective, but from a theological and emotional standpoint as well. Beautifully crafted, with exceptional attention to detail and emphasis on a relational journey with Christ, this is a must have for any Christian who desires to experience rest.

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