SoundCloud Stocking Stuffers!

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Christmas is full of odd traditions, one of those is the filling of socks with presents and odds and ends and bits of gifts. Depending on your family’s finances or beliefs, usually dictated the quality of gifts inside the stocking or if you received a stocking at all. Typically, the ‘stocking’ whether it was a tube sock, a purchased flat ‘sock’ of felt, or hand made had items that were sometimes desired, sometimes not.

Every Christmas there would be this mishmash of whatever. Sometimes small toys, sometimes various candies, occasionally a stuffed animal, once there was a gift card or a nice five dollar bill. Always at the bottom of the tube sock there was an orange. One year we received coins from a country no one in our family had been to, it was fun to look and think about different places.

We’ve heard stories of the stockings being better than presents in some families, or a complete potpurri of items, or even getting a switch in their stocking!

Our Soundcloud ‘stocking’ is stuffed with a bunch of tracks that celebrate the reason for the season, in various genres and from largely unknown artists. The range is gospel, indie, world, r&b, and even a kazoo track, maybe two. 😉 Because, you know, the kazoo is an instrument too!

Enjoy our Soundcloud Stocking Stuffers!

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