Remain in the Love of Jesus with Soul

Album Cover for Gloria Fanchiang's Remain in Your Love

Dulcet tones, chill vibes, and pure soul mark the debut album, Remain in Your Love,  from Gloria Fanchiang, a second generation Taiwanese-American from Englewood, New Jersey. Contemporary ballads and sophisticated lyrics mingle with a depth of knowledge of scripture in this satisfying EP. Gloria sings with good emotion and the arrangements are more in depth for a debut than one should expect from a first album.

Opening with “Well Pleased,” Remain in Your Love gets down with some vibrant tones and a deep understanding of what it truly means to be in the father’s love. The groove and summery vibe to the track give a sweetness and air that lifts the spirit, while the rhythm and blues feel gives it an underlying layer of complexity that is found within what Christ has done for us. The next tune, “You are Not Your Own,” is sung from the perspective of God. Typically, a song like this is usually prophetic in nature (read Isaiah and the prophets and you’ll understand), or of deep love, as in the book Song of Songs. This song takes on the latter, expressing a love letter from the Lord. A beautiful melody matches expressive and descriptive lyrics that paint a rich picture. Remain in Your Love fluidly moves into the next song, “Psalm 139.” Touching upon the themes in the familiar psalm, this classically inspired melody is infused with a soft rock vibe, sure to inspire the listener. Gloria steers back towards the soul and R&B – rock vibe with “What Does the Lord Require” and “May We Rest.” Finishing out Remain in Your Love is the title track, appropriately inspired by 1 Corinthians 13. A stripped down jazzy vibe suits Gloria’s voice, the guitar gently playing is the perfect support, and lyrically, the focus is about remaining in the love of God.

If you have a penchant for jazz infused R&B and classically inspired ballads all focused intensely on the word of God, you need Gloria Fanchiang’s Remain in Your Love. If you are on the fence about this, let me shove in the direction, buy it. You will be blessed.

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