Of War and Glory

Cover for Jason Chatham's Of War and Glory

So few artists have a distinctive voice. When you listen to an artist like Johnny Cash, you immediately know who it is, likewise with artists like Elvis, Michael Hutchence, Whitney Houston, within a few notes, the voice is identifiable. With a voice like a silken tapestry woven amongst iron chain mail, Jason Chatham has a seldom found ability to switch between tender and intimate to the strength of a battle cry, and retain the integrity of their vocal character. Emotional and steeped in tones that ring from a bell to deep caves, Of War and Glory showcases Jason’s voice, production, and writing. It is fantastic when God blesses His people with so much talent, and they in turn use it for His glory!

For those who are familiar with Chatham’s previous works, Of War and Glory makes a departure from the acoustic side of things and is firmly planted in the electronic pop rock genre. Grooves, steady pounding beats, tons of ear candy, and lyrics that fix sights on Jesus, this EP is fun! The first song on the track, “Revelator” opens with a grooving post 80’s new wave rock that is prevalent with several current popular bands who imitate the sounds of bands like Tears for Fears. Jason has written a song that could easily be performed and be considered one of Carman’s better songs, complete with a spoken word bridge. This song is so good.  “Only One” is excellent, punctuated with pizzicato strings, and a waltz structure that is emphasized with some creative drum beats and exciting percussion. Lyrically, it’s a praise song that is about the only God. Jason visits some EDM house beats with a mixture of grooving guitar riffs, ringing synth arpeggiations, and of course some excellent singing. “At the Cross” showcases Jason’s lower register, which is like smooth melted butter. When he reaches the bridge, his voice takes on another character, one that is like a knife with an edge that cuts. Ending out Of War and Glory is the slightly cheesy “Make a Way.” The underlying composition of the song is good, it’s just that the production reminds one of every Disney pre-teen dance segment ever. Eh, even Carman had some velveeta on his records. It’s a good song, you might like it.

If you are a fan of Carman, or like the sounds of CHVRCHES, Tears for Fears, Empire of the Sun, ABC, Passion Pit, and want something that celebrates Jesus, you need Of War and Glory.

Get it.

Jason Chatham is married, a pastor, producer, songwriter, publisher, associate pastor and overseer of a church in Colorado. His home residence is in Dallas, TX.

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