08-18-17 Jesus & Jams

The scripture reading for today is Acts 17:22-28

In this scripture, Paul is speaking to the people of Athens, Greece, a place that is known for holding the Parthenon, a temple dedicated to worship of many pagan gods. An altar was in the midst of all the other altars for an unknown god. Paul then reveals to the people who the unknown is.

Let us think about what it means to worship in spirit and truth, what the temple of God is.

If God has made all the nations of one blood, how are we to look on those around us?

Should we treat people from different nations and colors different than ourselves?

What does it mean to seek God? What sort of actions do you take in seeking God?

What does it mean to pursue God?

If you are playing hide and seek with your friends, but you do not intentionally look for them when they are hiding, are you truly seeking?


We have paired today’s reading with Jordan Connell‘s Won’t Let Go. Click on the image below to download or stream for free!

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