08-30-17 Jesus & Jams

Today’s scriptures are Malachi 3:2-3

How often do we sit down and ask God to refine us while we’re here? We know that in the end that we will be made perfect and that we will put on incorruptible flesh, as the flesh we have currently is easily waylaid in our walk, but are we willing for God to do a work in us?

Recently, a friend of mine used the words “There are people God places in my life to sand off the rough edges of myself.” This is so true. We can all think of people who just rub us the wrong way, or really test the limits of our patience, but we’re not to think of these people as burdens. God calls us to love our neighbor, and we have to learn what it really means to love another person by leaning into God to live and love how he calls us to love.

We’ve paired today’s scripture with Katie Lee‘s single, Refine Me

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