09-02-17 Jesus & Jams

Today’s scripture reading is 1 Peter 3:8-9

The gospel that Christ calls us to, beyond the good news of His death and resurrection, are some of the most challenging and controversial things, even so much as going against the norm and grain of this world.

Before the passion of Christ, he challenged His disciples to love their enemies, to do good to the people that hate them, to bless the people that curse them, pray for those that mistreat them, and to offer another cheek if they are to strike them, to give the shirt on their backs if someone asks for their coat, to give to everyone who asks of you, and if someone steals from you or takes something, to not demand it back. (Luke 6:27-31)

If we are truly disciples of Jesus and this is the life He is calling us to live, what would this look like? What would this look like for a domestic abuse situation? What would this look like for our interactions with a friend who steals something or borrows an item and never returns it?

There’s a documentary that follows the story of Daryl Davis, a professed Christian, disciple of Jesus, and a black man who has befriended over 200 klansmen. As a result, those men no longer ascribe to the beliefs and practices of the KKK. Daryl Davis does not have a special dispensation or call on his life, he’s just simply living out the gospel that Jesus Christ asks all of his disciples to do.

If there were more people who lived their lives and did what Jesus calls people to do in Luke and 1 Peter, we would see more true affected change in this world. Jesus didn’t just call people to follow Him, He called them to do what He did and live life the way He did.

Are you a follower or a disciple of Jesus Christ?


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