09-08-17 Jesus & Jams

Today’s scripture is Psalm 13

Many times in our lives we will experience heartache, loss, and suffering. Sometimes it is because of the choices we have made, sometimes it is no fault of our own.

In John 5:1-15, the story of the man waiting by the pool of Bethesda is a story of incredible waiting and suffering. This man had been watching people walk into the pool for 38 years and come out healed, but either he was unable to get in by himself or find others to help him into the pool. This man could have given up hope and insisted that he stay at home because there was no hope for him to be healed, but his persistence of remaining day in and day out indicated that this man not only had hope, but incredible patience. When this man was finally healed, it wasn’t even as he expected it to happen, but rather by Jesus telling him to get up and walk.

How long are we willing to wait for God to fulfill a promise? Do we give up after 2 or three years? Are you willing to wait 38 years in turmoil and suffering for the goodness of God? Do you put too much emphasis on exactly how it is supposed to happen or are you flexible with God’s ways?


We have paired today’s scripture with Dan Becker‘s How Long, O Lord?

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