12-07-17 Jesus & Jams Christmas Music

Today’s scripture reading is Luke 1:11-20


ChristianCourier.com has an article about The Old Testament and Incense. The following is a paragraph from the article by Wayne Jackson, and you can read the complete article here.

“Within the temple’s holy place were three items. On the south side was the golden lampstand with outlets for seven flames, fueled by pure olive oil. To the north was a table of twelve loaves of showbread—known also as the “continual bread” (KJV; ASV), or the “bread of Presence” (Numbers 4:7). Then to the west, just in front of the veil separating the holy place from the most holy place, was the altar of incense. It thus was very close to the Ark of the Covenant” which was covered by the “mercy-seat”—above which the presence of God was focused (Exodus 30:6). The incense burned on this altar will constitute the main thrust of this study.”

How would you react if an angel appeared while doing duties at church?

Who was Elijah? Why is this important?

Do you think that Zacharias knew the story of Abraham and Sarah?

Why do you think the angel made it so he was unable to speak?

Do you think it was because of Zacharias doubt, or for the benefit of the people that Gabriel caused him to be mute?


We have paired today’s reading with Fever Fever‘s song New Beginnings

Click on the image below to download or stream their song!



This daily devotional is simple.

We post a scripture passage to read. We provide a link if you do not have a bible to read it on the web. If you are not fond of the version used, you can easily change to the version or translation you prefer.

We then post questions about the text you just read.

We do not have an answer key for the questions, the answer is found in your relationship with God.

With the scripture, we have a link to an independent Christian music artist and their song. Maybe the song is a cover of a well known worship song, maybe the song is an original, and sometimes the recording isn’t what you would find from a high end studio, but we believe there is something of value in the recording.

However you come about this devotional, we pray that your relationship is strengthened with God and that you grow in grace, love and truth.

Tell us why you like it!

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